Froyo hasn’t reached HK yet.

Yeah right… Best Berry: “The yummiest fruit yogurt in the world”. Ok, well I guess I can’t comment on the taste because I was so disappointed at the “froyo” place that I didn’t get anything. I went to the one in iSquare and the menu was tiny.

Best Berry was NOT like the DIY froyo places in the U.S. where you get to choose your own bowl size and then squeeze whatever flavored yogurts into your bowl and then your selection of toppings. At Best Berry, it was not DIY and there were only two yogurt flavors available: original and mango! Where’s the fun in that??!?!? Also, gummy bears was not an option for toppings! I love gummy bears!

I’m disappointed that DIY froyo hasn’t really reached Hong Kong yet – or will it ever?

:::edit March 2011:::

Tuttimelon and other DIY places have opened throughout Hong Kong!!


It’s been 88 days since I last cooked.

I made all three of my meals today but only dinner counted as “cooking” because for breakfast, I boiled 15 frozen wontons that my mom made for me before she and my father left for China. I had breakfast at 9:30am and then I went out to watch Salt. I came home around 3pm and had cup noodles for lunch. Then for dinner, I made spicy green beans, spicy water spinach, and chilled pork tenderloin.

I don’t know what variety these green beans were but I’m pretty sure they originated from China. They are not like the round ones found in Whole Foods; they are more flat but not as flat as Romano beans. Just somewhere in between. And since there’s no picture, I can’t really explain much more. There are no pictures because:

  1. It has been raining all day in Hong Kong so the lighting sucks
  2. My camera is crap
  3. I don’t want the picture to turn out with the yellowy filtered light from the chandeliers

I made both of the vegetables with garlic and 1 fresh red chili pepper. Look for the recipe for the chilled pork tenderloin in the next post or click here.

All of my food is 100% organic, by the way. I found the orgo-places in Hong Kong!

B-Day Food So Far

My b-day is on Thursday…

Yesterday night (July 5) my parents took me out to the Hyatt Regency Hotel for my b-day dinner. It was the only night that fit with all of our schedules. My parents and brother got there 10 minutes before I did (remember, I was racing back from work). In my years and time in HK, I have celebrated my b-day dinners at the YMCA Seafood Buffet, Sai Kung, and the Hyatt Regency Hotel Buffet. The buffet at the YMCA is in Tsim Sha Tsui. The food there is still great but it’s far away. In my family, we have outgrown the awesome food at Sai Kung… meaning, we make the same dishes at home and they are now (circa 2007) WAY better than the ones at the restaurants in Sai Kung. Now, the location of the Hyatt Hotel is just perfect. It’s close by, we get a 10% discount, and it has all kinds of food, it’s not just a seafood place like the YMCA.

I had several plates of sashimi grade salmon, tuna, surf clam, and scallops. I had a whole rack of lamb chops, medium rare, and 2 chicken skewers. My father insisted that I eat a piece of beef from his beef skewer. BUT I DON’T EAT BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the end, I took a bite and it was tasty but I already regretted it because I knew that I would be farting deathly farts today… I had plates of mussels, conch, and crab. I got bowls of shrimp, shrimp salad, and sea urchin. I got a pound of BBQ pork and BBQ duck. I ate a lot of salad, not iceberg lettuce. I had 5 scoops of mango and raspberry sherbet. I had a bowl of tiramisu and one pound of dragon eyes. I had 2 slices of dragon fruit, 2 slices of watermelon, 2 slices of cantaloupe, and 2 slices of rock melon. I drank lots of water and I got an iced lemon tea too!

Tonight for dinner, we went to Chaochiu Garden for dinner. We started off with crab cakes (super gooooooood), shrimp cakes, jellyfish, and goose breast + tofu. Then came the shrimp and fish maw soup (yummmmmy). Then a vegetable dish – baby corn, lotus root, mushrooms, wood ear, and snow peas. Next came really delicious chicken and bell peppers. The last dish was a steamed grouper with spicy soy sauce & cilantro!!

I probably gained a whole bunch but you can’t really tell and I refuse to weigh myself.