About Me

I have always loved cooking and I was holding elaborate dinner parties before I went to culinary school in 2011. During my free time, I like to entertain with multi-course dinner, oyster, dumpling, and rooftop parties.

Before moving to NYC in September 2011, I have lived in Beijing, Toronto, Hong Kong, Plano (Texas), and Austin. I have traveled extensively too so I have had exposure to many cultures and their cuisines.

My personal cooking style can be described as contemporary New American with strong influences of Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish ingredients. I have light exposure to molecular gastronomy. Ultimately, I value the ingredient for itself. I often go to farmer’s markets to see what I can incorporate into my menu, both professionally and privately.

Some food facts about me:

  • I love fresh shrimp, and shrimp in general. Whenever I go back to Hong Kong, the first thing I look forward to is eating fresh boiled shrimp. It’s incredibly easy to make and hassle-free. The shrimp is succulent and the meat is sweet. Before 2000, live wild shrimp was sold everywhere at the wet markets but with pollution and hormone-use on the rise, it’s difficult to find clean, untainted, wild shrimp.
  • Dim sum should not be restricted to Sundays. My top 5 dim sum are 蝦餃 (shrimp dumpling); 皮蛋瘦肉粥 (thousand year old duck egg & pork congee); 凤爪 (phoenix talons aka chicken feet); 肠粉 (shrimp and scallop rice noodle rolls); and 糯米鸡 (lotus leaf rice).
  • Favorite desserts: lychee froyo, 杨枝甘露, tiramisu, granitas; dark chocolate, and raspberry sorbets; and red bean, black sesame, and matcha ice-creams.
  • Favorite fruits: dragon fruits, mangosteens, raspberries, watermelons, cherries, and of course, strawberries.
  • Favorite fish: coral grouper, dong xing ban grouper
  • Favorite vegetables: baby snow pea shoots, water spinach, amaranth, winter melon, serrated garland chrysanthemum, Romano beans
  • Dark chocolate only. From Belgium, Germany, or Switzerland please.
  • I don’t eat: beef/veal (cow meat). I’m allergic.
  • Halal: Since moving to NYC, I discovered that the chicken & rice from certain halal carts is one of the best foods that I’ve E. V. E. R. had. Note: halal only tastes good when you’re drunk or hungover.

Want more? Follow Cooking with Strawberry Tsunami, or cwST for short, on Twitter at @cwST08 and on Instagram @cwstrwbrrtsnm, become a fan on Facebook, or subscribe via RSS. You can also click the sign up button on the home page. cwST has been featured on Food Blogs, Taste Spotting, and Zen Spotting. Please comment if you like my blog, and especially if you try out any of the recipes. I also wrote for The Hot Plate, a student blog from The French Culinary Institute.

Why Strawberry Tsunami?

Strawberry Tsunami has been my favorite smoothie from Jamba Juice since 2002. But since the tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004, activists demanded that Jamba Juice change the name of one of their smoothies. That is so lame! It was called Strawberry Tsunami way before the unfortunate natural disaster. It was just a coincidence. Why do people have to freak out so much?! Now it’s called Strawberry Surf Rider – lamest name ever! So I’ve been trying to preserve “Strawberry Tsunami” for as long as possible.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! Greeting from Down Under Australia. Surely you have some interesting recipes here. Why don’t you eat beef? I know that many Indian people (Hinduism) don’t eat beef………….

  2. Patricia Carpenter

    This is just getting creepy! Sea bass, berries, mint chocolate chip?!? OMG! These are a few of my favorite things! (insert Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music here 🙂

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