New Year’s Day Dinner

Let’s just say that this menu went through several changes and revisions. Every time I cut down a course, it would pop back up somewhere else so I gave up trying to limit my own expectations and excitement. I do have some reservations, I did not factor in the fact that I will work the night before so I will be somewhat drained of energy. I won’t be cooking in my kitchen so there’s the lack of familiarity from my friend’s kitchen. We haven’t finalized the number of guests but it’s 6 people altogether so far. I don’t want complicated pick-ups in between each course, so I will have to delegate… I will only make an amuse-bouche/canapé if I have leftover ingredients.

*EDIT* I am told that now it’s going to be 8 people so I have to make one more dessert because that lemon tart will not be enough for 8 people.


Citrus-Cured Tartare with Tobiko & Bagel Chip


Beet Frisée Watercress Salad with Orange Suprêmes & Candied Zest


Cauliflower Soup with Shimeji Mushrooms, Edamame, Haricots Verts & Celery Leaves


Seafood Medley with Seared Coconut Risotto Cake


Cucumber Granita over Oysters


Seared Halibut with Farro, Chestnuts, Wild Mushrooms & Blueberry Balsamic Reduction


Cranberry Gelée with Ginger Granita


Lemon Tart with Crème Chantilly


Dark Chocolate Custard with Mint Chocolate Soil & Raspberry Coulis

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