Risotto Verification

I’ve never had anyone outside of my immediate family tell me how my risotto tastes like. I liked it but I wasn’t sure if I was making it right. Every time when I ordered it in restaurants, the rice was still raw and I didn’t like what I ordered. E.g. Nordstrom Cafe Bistro. I had a seafood risotto as an appetizer last week at Spring Street Natural Restaurant and it was also raw and the stock used to cook the rice was oozing out like crazy. And it was under-seasoned. If I wasn’t so hungry, I wouldn’t have eaten it.

Yesterday in class, I made mushroom risotto (dried porcini, fresh oyster, fresh shiitake, fresh cremini, fresh maitake) and I used the porcini soaking liquid along with water as the stock used to cook the rice.

Three different chefs told me that my risotto was up to “perfection”. It had:

Good texture.

Good consistency.

Great mushroom flavor.

Correct color.

Seasoned perfectly.

Right. On. The. Money. Perfect.

I was already more than satisfied with the praise I got from my Chef instructor and assistant Chef instructor. During dinner, a pastry Chef walked in and asked to have some. She then came back for seconds! By then, I was ecstatic.

*On a side note, I won’t be updating until I get a new camera. I was robbed last week.

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