Macédoine de Légumes

Macédoine de Légumes, one of the most popular salads of the late nineteenth century, is still frequently served in Parisian bistros. The elements in such a salad can be bound together with a variety of different dressings: vinaigrette, cream & vinegar sauce, mayonnaise, or hard cooked-egg sauces. The recipe here uses a simple mayo but other flavored mayo such as tomato, tarragon, or basil are also possible.

Tonight was salad night and I honestly didn’t think that I would enjoy the class because I’m not a fan of salads. Salad, to me, is just a bunch of random leaves/vegetables scattered on a plate. There’s no “cooking” involved. But what I didn’t know is that salads actually have diabolic plans to entice the perfect individual. If you know your food, salads are a good way to test a restaurant on their chefs’ skills. I did not know that until tonight when my chef instructor told us that. Everything has to complement each other and the dressing has to support the salad greens.

I was very happy when I made this salad, Macédoine de Légumes, and when I presented it to my chef instructor, he loved it!!!! I was so elated.

*From the French Culinary Institute.

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