Preparing for New York

I haven’t had the time to cook anything old or new because I’ve been busily preparing for my move to New York City. Apartment finding is such a stressful task and at the end (yesterday), I gave up and just went with student housing. Searching through all the apartment hunting websites everyday, including Craigslist, turned me into a foul-mood person. Broker fee? No-fee broker? Owner? Roommates? Landlords? Guarantors? And there was all this unnecessary paperwork, in my opinion, to get one crappy studio apartment. Geeez.

Today for lunch, I was emptying out the pantry because once I’m gone, my parents won’t use any of the non-Asian ingredients. I leave in 5 days. I can’t wait for my return to the US. It’s been w-a-y too long.

[100% organic, shrimp from Thailand]

Click here for recipe – basically the same thing except I also had Thai basil and cilantro in there sans bell peppers. I noticed that the Iranian saffron that I used last time gave the rice a lot more color than this Tibetan saffron that I used today.


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