Mango Strawberry Salad with Seared Scallops

Since I got back from Beijing, Hong Kong has had beautiful weather! It’s not too hot or super humid yet and the sun is warm enough to wear shorts! I’m so sick of wearing jeans and winter coats. I really hope this warm weather stays and that I will not have to bust out winter wear again. So I decided to make something light and full of color. And what has more color than salad and mangoes?? And strawberries?? I was going to make this with pomegranates but pomegranates are now HKD55/USD7.05 each!!! That is insane… so I settled with mangoes and strawberries.

[100% organic & wild]

  • Fresh scallops
  • 2 mangoes, cut in cubes
  • ½ cup strawberries, sliced
  • Salad leaves – I bought three heads of different lettuces
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • EVOO for salad
  • Olive oil for searing
  • Salt and pepper

Season with S&P and then sear the scallops using olive oil. Mix the salad with some balsamic vinegar and EVOO, then mix in the fruit. Place the scallops on top of the salad and serve.


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