Crab Asparagus Soup

I almost published this post as “Asparagus & Crap Soup” but I caught the typo when I was reading over this post. Imagine if I posted “Crap Soup”. HAHAHAHA…. I wrote “crap” because I was annoyed by the crap the live crabs were giving to me as I was trying to clean them, and then eventually killing them. It’s like, I’m human! Don’t you know I’m going to eat you? First, I use an old toothbrush and I clean you. Then I chop some ginger and scallions for your hot water bath. I then put you in the cold water first so that you get situated with your surroundings: the ginger slices will sink beside you, ginger takes away your stinky sea smell; the green onions will be floating above you, they also take away your stinky stench; then as the water gets hotter, just relax, just think of this as a trip to the spa. And before you know it, you’ll be in happy crab land.

I just got over a stomach flu so I am introducing solid foods slowly back into my diet. I don’t want to indulge my body on my favorite soups just yet. Still keeping it more fluidy, is that a word? I’ll make it a word. Fluidy, more fluid-like. Oh yeah, so usually it takes me 3-7 days to get over a stomach flu but I definitely took the bulls by the horn and got over this stomach flu in one day! ONE DAY!

Asparagus in Hong Kong is like crazy expensive! Note: expensive veggies: parsley and asparagus.

Next time I’m going to put 3 crabs because there wasn’t enough crab meat.

[Crabs are wild, everything else organic except for asparagus]

  • 2 crabs, meat and other goodies removed
  • 2 cups asparagus, chopped into thin slices
  • 2 egg whites
  • 2 cups cilantro leaves
  • 2 TBS corn starch mixed with 1 TBS water
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Cook the crabs with chopped ginger and green onions for 20 minutes on high steam. Then drain them and rinse them under cold water to stop the cooking process and for you to touch them.

Remove all the meat from the crab and set aside, also save the crab juices.

Boil 4 cups of water on high heat. Add in the chopped asparagus and cook for 1 minute. Then add in the crab meat and juices, wait 30 seconds. Add in the corn starch to desired thickness. Add in the egg whites and cilantro and cook for another 15 seconds then turn off heat. Add in salt and pepper to taste when serving.

*This is why I need to add in another crab the next time I make this:

So little crab meat from one crab…


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