Oyster & Shrimp Risotto

I haven’t cooked anything new since August 29! That is a longggggg time! Every time when I cook risotto, I can’t finish it in one sitting so this afternoon I asked if my cousin, Jenny, wanted to come over for dinner. We went last minute grocery shopping at 4pm and then had dinner 7pm. Jenny was my sous chef tonight. I still have a handicapped thumb from yesterday so I couldn’t do some things such as juicing the lemon.

I asked Jenny what she thought of it and she said:

Fantastic! It was so nice!

Taste didn’t sell clam juice and I didn’t have time to go to other places to look and the shrimp that I bought were shell-less so the cooking liquids were just chardonnay and chicken broth.

This time was also my first time using saffron and honestly, I couldn’t taste it. I know I used enough but is saffron supposed to taste or is it supposed to just add color?

I didn’t have to use my recipe today and my parents’ kitchen does not have any measuring cups or spoons and I can’t believe that everything worked out perfectly! I’m so happy with myself!

Here is the recipe. I just substituted the scallops with oysters and added saffron after the first round of chicken broth. I also had some spinach leaves too so I decided to put that into the risotto too.

[100% organic & wild]

Thanks Jenny for taking the picture!


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