Fainting is one of the scariest feelings ever.

I’m sick so I have no desire to eat. I have been so busy with work that I don’t even have time to eat fruit so this morning (day off), I made myself a plantains, apple, kiwi, and little tiny oranges smoothie. I also added homemade plain yogurt and aloe juice.

[100% organic]

When I went to go clean the ceramic knife, I accidentally sliced into the top of my right thumb. The gash isn’t that deep but it’s not shallow either. The blood would not stop and since I couldn’t stop it in the kitchen, I went to the bathroom to get band-aids. When I was trying to find any creams to help the wound heal faster or whatnot, I already started to feel faint but I shrugged it off as symptoms from the cold.

Then immediately I started heating up and burning up. I was thinking, “Again? I’m going through this feeling again? MUST RUSH TO SOFT SURFACES BECAUSE YOU WILL PASS OUT!” The sweat rolled so fast and smoothly down my head like a bowling ball going down the lane. As I was opening up the band-aid, I was rushing to my bed or any other soft surface. You can literally feel your body getting limp and light, and you can also feel your head losing consciousness. Your heart pounds deeply and your brain is throbbing… As I was blacking out, my head was racing. I couldn’t stop thinking about when I would wake up and I have so much to do! Work first then Halloween costume. But with a handicapped thumb, things are going to suck even more. I am overwhelmed for work stuff. Really, it’s TOO much.

Then a few minutes later I woke up face down on my bed.

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