Froyo hasn’t reached HK yet.

Yeah right… Best Berry: “The yummiest fruit yogurt in the world”. Ok, well I guess I can’t comment on the taste because I was so disappointed at the “froyo” place that I didn’t get anything. I went to the one in iSquare and the menu was tiny.

Best Berry was NOT like the DIY froyo places in the U.S. where you get to choose your own bowl size and then squeeze whatever flavored yogurts into your bowl and then your selection of toppings. At Best Berry, it was not DIY and there were only two yogurt flavors available: original and mango! Where’s the fun in that??!?!? Also, gummy bears was not an option for toppings! I love gummy bears!

I’m disappointed that DIY froyo hasn’t really reached Hong Kong yet – or will it ever?

:::edit March 2011:::

Tuttimelon and other DIY places have opened throughout Hong Kong!!


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