It’s been 88 days since I last cooked.

I made all three of my meals today but only dinner counted as “cooking” because for breakfast, I boiled 15 frozen wontons that my mom made for me before she and my father left for China. I had breakfast at 9:30am and then I went out to watch Salt. I came home around 3pm and had cup noodles for lunch. Then for dinner, I made spicy green beans, spicy water spinach, and chilled pork tenderloin.

I don’t know what variety these green beans were but I’m pretty sure they originated from China. They are not like the round ones found in Whole Foods; they are more flat but not as flat as Romano beans. Just somewhere in between. And since there’s no picture, I can’t really explain much more. There are no pictures because:

  1. It has been raining all day in Hong Kong so the lighting sucks
  2. My camera is crap
  3. I don’t want the picture to turn out with the yellowy filtered light from the chandeliers

I made both of the vegetables with garlic and 1 fresh red chili pepper. Look for the recipe for the chilled pork tenderloin in the next post or click here.

All of my food is 100% organic, by the way. I found the orgo-places in Hong Kong!

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