New Restaurant: Uchiko

4200 north lamar
austin, texas 78756

OMG! I want to teleport myself to Austin now!!! There is a 50% deal at Uchiko until July 4! On their website, it reads:

Uchiko :: Japanese farmhouse dining & sushi restaurant

Uchiko will match the expe­ri­ence of food,wine and service found at it’s sister restau­rant Uchi; in a new setting with a Japanese farm­house­ aes­thetic, crafted mate­rials and warm finishes to round out the dining ­ex­pe­ri­ence. Uchiko’s menu is a brand new selec­tion of composed dish­es and sushi, taken from ideas and dishes orig­i­nally created at Uchi. Uchiko is Uchi rede­fined.

I just know my taste buds will enjoy it! Maybe not the price but the food quality!!

You, my foodie friends, need to tell me how it is! Make me jealous!

4 thoughts on “New Restaurant: Uchiko

  1. Lindsey

    Was your friend tweeting about any particular deal service, like Groupon or Living Social? I would LOVE to try this place out, but I’m on a budget right now. Besides, if I go I can take my camera and send you photos of whatever I order, so it will be just a little bit like teleporting you here to Austin.

    PS, sorry for erasing my first comment, I was accidentally logged in with my workplace’s WordPress account!

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