Nafplio 2010

Lunch in Nafplio:

My mom, brother, and I walked along the two sides of the waterfront and picked a restaurant by the end. We wanted something light and not too meaty and not too pricey. There were waiters standing outside of their restaurants and trying to woo us into their extravagant dining rooms. Grilled half red snapper for 30€? Are you serious? That’s like HKD300/USD38 = insane. Even though there are lots of fresh fish here in Greece, it’s the boring fish. I love the coral fish that I eat in Hong Kong.

Gyros Pita Chicken

We each had one gyros pitta chicken: grilled chicken, potato wedges, sliced greens, tomatoes, some mustard, and pita bread. We ordered a “salad” but it turned out to be some nasty dip with hard sliced bread. The dip that was filed under “salads” had cucumber, parsley, and garlic and it was called Tzatziki. It looked like tartar sauce. That was 3€ down the drain. I really liked the pita-chicken though.

Dinner in Nafplio:

Swordfish Souvlaki

We discovered after climbing the Akronafplia Fortress that the restaurants away from the harbor front had cheaper food, 1€-3€ cheaper. After having ice-cream by the pier, we walked back up to mid-way and had dinner at Kastro. I had swordfish souvlaki, my brother had grilled octopus, and my mom had fried cod, which turned out to the fish & chips with garlic-mashed potatoes. The swordfish kebab was only really delicious when I squeeze lemon juice over it!

Grilled Octopus

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