Cooking for the Family

Like what Patricia was feeling, I am really nervous about cooking for my family. This isn’t like my fourth grade project when I made tomato soup for my parents, this is real. My dad actually suggested it, which I found very surprising, considering that he was the one who told me that cooking can never be a profession that is well suited for me…

I’m researching for recipes because whenever I cook for someone else, I always try to make new dishes, rather than stuff that I’ve already done. My dad doesn’t like the idea that I am using them as my “guinea pigs” but what he doesn’t know is that I do cook fairly well so I don’t mess up on my first try. Actually, I rarely mess up when making appetizers and meal dishes; not trying to boast my abilities. I am not so much of a desserts person so on those things, I do mess up.

I’ll be cooking for my dad, mom, and brother. So far I have:

  • Salad Stuffed Shells
  • Spiced Chicken with Tomato Basil Couscous/Quinoa
  • Wild Mushroom Soup

3 thoughts on “Cooking for the Family

  1. Patricia Carpenter

    Maybe some kind of chilled soup like Avocado or Cucumber-Melon with fresh basil? I make soooo many soups for work so if you need more ideas I’ve got them!!

  2. Patricia Carpenter

    That’s funny. I was also going to suggest wild mushroom soup. Adding a little sherry really gives it a new dimension that most people won’t be able to recognize. It often gives you that “ooh, what’s that?” flavor.

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