Greece, Here I Come!

The next food posts will be when I get to Greece in 8 days! I really hope I get internet in the hotel or wherever. I will most definitely be documenting my food experiences there! I’m kind of psyched! Actually, I’m really pumped about going. Even though I thought that post-college travels would be with friends, I guess this will be the last time that I do it with my family. I really hope my parents don’t bring the drama there because all I want to do is immerse myself in Ancient Greece history and lie on the beach.

Greece has a culinary history of over 4000 years: wheat (ugh, not so much), olive oil (yay), wine (YIPEE!), and fish (YAY!). Of their traditional foods, I’ve had gyros (yee-row, not jai-row) and pitas in the U.S. but I doubt they were anywhere near authentic. I’ll be going to the place where feta is the national cheese! I don’t know why I got so excited about that. I’m not really a big fan of feta. I will be getting fried kalamarakia (squid) when I’m over there!

I’ll be going to Nafplion, Athens, and the island of Mykonos (known for its intense nightlife). I don’t see myself going out on the town with my family… we were originally going to go to Santorini (8 hrs from Athens) but my dad gets seasick so my mom opted out for Mykonos (5 hrs from Athens). Lame. I could have gone to the place where Serena van der Woodsen was going on and on about.

3 thoughts on “Greece, Here I Come!

  1. Patricia Carpenter

    Have a great trip! I’m happy you get to get out of HK for ahwile and soak up some sun, food, and culture in Greece. Try to go out at least one night and experience the night life. I know you enjoy that.

  2. Lois

    Wow, how lucky you are! I love souvlaki, moussaka and dolmakia/dolmades… Yummoooo. They also have very nice sweets.

    I’ll be waiting for your new recipes from Greece:D

  3. @Lois
    I don’t think I’ll be actually “cooking” in Greece… I’ll just be documenting the food that I eat. But that all depends on if we actually get to eat Greek food because my father ALWAYS INSISTS ON FINDING CHINESE FOOD outside of Asia.

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