Foodie Friends, I Miss Thee

I don’t go out and eat in restaurants that much anymore. My old foodie friends are no longer in Austin – Andrew, Jessica, Mo – and it’s sad because I’ll be leaving Austin too. Connie and Patricia are busy with their life and work.

It really is time for me to leave Austin, things are just not what they were.

Before I go, I have to go back to Enoteca Vespaio one last time. It truly is my favorite restaurant in Austin. Also, must go to The Steeping Room and Sushi Zushi (at the Domain, not 5th this time).

One thought on “Foodie Friends, I Miss Thee

  1. it’s actually too late for me to eat (I’ve gained 8 lbs in 2 months, oops!) but reading this has ignited my appetite and my stomach is groaning in irritated hunger.

    I’ve never had sushi zushi!

    Why are you leaving Austin? 😦

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