That’s A LOT of Butter!

I’m making croissants and the recipe that I am adapting from asks for 1.75 cups of butter. But since I doubled the recipe, that’s 3.5 cups of butter. The butter that I buy come in half-cup sticks…

THAT just LOOKS like A LOT of butter. And yet I am terrified of consuming all of that…

I am almost done with the Day 1 stuff. If you ever want to vent off your anger, I recommend making croissant dough. In one of the steps, you pound/hammer/smash the butter altogether into a square/rectangle. And let me tell you, that part was tiring, loud, but therapeutic. My rolling pin wasn’t big or wide enough to hammer the butter so I used a 10-inch frying pan instead. The pounding was really loud, my ears got somewhat deaf for a few seconds during the procedure. I hope my neighbors didn’t think I was beating a group of people.

3 thoughts on “That’s A LOT of Butter!

  1. Patricia Carpenter

    I think I gained two pounds just looking at all that butter! homemade croissants? very ambitious. Sounds like you’re enjoying them very much!

  2. Well, my dough is 7 cups of flour. And so far I’ve made around 20-something using half the dough. The other half is in my fridge.

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