Foods That I’ve Banned Myself

I was talking to my friend Lee today on the phone when I was driving to Whole Foods, and Lee was eating a Pop Tart. That triggered my thoughts of all the foods that I’ve banned myself, such as Pop Tarts. I haven’t had one since second grade. I also banned myself from eating ice-cream in 8th grade.

I bought a tub of mint chocolate chip ice-cream at Whole Foods today. The only time I walk down that aisle is when I buy lady fingers to make tiramisu and I make sure I don’t look on the other side of the aisle. But today I looked on the other side and saw rows of ice-cream and sorbet. I don’t know why I didn’t get sorbet instead to fill some craving that I had. I just couldn’t resist.

I don’t eat Oreo’s or Cheeto’s either anymore. For those two snacks, I had them each everyday for one year, 365 consecutive days – so sick of them, every time I think of them I want to throw up.

Ok, time to eat ice-cream. Oh my Lady GaGa…

:::edit 10:40pm:::

What is the meaning of this? Organic mint chocolate chip ice-cream is not green… it’s white.


2 thoughts on “Foods That I’ve Banned Myself

  1. Patricia Carpenter

    I don’t eat most sweets, don’t eat fast food, and don’t drink regular calorie sodas. When I was growing up my mom was a regular Betty Crocker, making some sort of pie, cake, or cookie every day. We also had ice cream in the house constantly. I really just had enough of all of that and never get the urge to indulge these days. Same with fast food and my teen age years, can’t stomach it anymore. Not to mention, I feel that, as a chef I shouldn’t be eating that crap anyway. And doughnuts… never ever again! Ice cream Floats, I think they’re totally disgusting , always have.
    I’m no rampant health food nut, but sugary stuff has been off my shopping list for years. Except for the occasional gummybear or tootsie roll around Halloween, that lasts me most of the year 🙂

  2. Ha…. you had been very naughty:)

    I don’t always have ice cream in my freezer…. fortunately I’m not really a fan….. only when the weather’s getting very hot then usually I get some ice cream.

    Oh well, I hope you really enjoyed the ice cream:)

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