My 2009 “Thanksgiving” Menu

This year is the first time I’m spending Thanksgiving in Austin and by myself! My brother is in boarding school in Boston and my parents live in Hong Kong. For the previous 4 Thanksgivings, I went to Los Angeles once, Boston twice, and Toronto once.

I don’t “celebrate” Thanksgiving and I don’t eat/like turkey. I don’t like how it’s so dry tasting and it has tryptophan in it so it puts you to sleep. I was searching around for recipes and this is what I’m going to have on the night of Thursday November 26:

I can still “celebrate” Thursday as a special night for myself. I need some vegetable dish but I think I’ll just roast some zucchini.

One thought on “My 2009 “Thanksgiving” Menu

  1. Patricia Carpenter

    We like Turkey, but not the way we make it @ work. We’re Cedar-planking a turkey breast (we saw it on Iron Chef), then making oyster stuffing, mashed new potatoes, cranberry-orange relish, and grilled brussle sprouts w/ chili flakes and garlic. For two people, that’s going to be a feast! I love your cornish hen idea.. may have to steal that for a romantic dinner in the future 🙂 Do you like oysters? This ‘stuffing’ recipe I have is so good,and an East-Coast favorite for thanksgiving. I don’t really celebrate thanksgiving that much because I always have to work so hard the week before and the day of. It’s the day after that I get to cookand eat what I like 🙂 hope your first in Austin is fantastic!

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