Seafood Market? In Austin? YAY!

I went to Whole Foods Thanksgiving Feast sample event. There were way too many people there and the lines were ridiculously long. I did not see regular Whole Foods shoppers there… there were some people who did not belong… like ginormous people… ugh. I think the best “food” I had was the mushroom sage gravy. I did, however, enjoy the wine tasting. I like white wine more than red wine but I had a few really nice red wines. I don’t remember their names though…

Anyway, that’s not important. I met a chef today and she’s a friend of a friend’s sister! We had the best conversations and we exchanged our likes and dislikes. It was such a good time. She also told me about a seafood market in Austin! It’s called Quality Seafood, and they have a restaurant also. I’m just interested in the seafood. I think I’ll go check it out tomorrow!


One thought on “Seafood Market? In Austin? YAY!

  1. Patricia Carpenter

    So glad you found your way to Quality! I know it’s a humble setting, but the seafood it really good! I’m totally checking out your food blog right now. Very cool! Keep it up, I told five people about it today alone 🙂

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