Bad Encounter in France, 1994

I used to hate eating avocados because of my first encounter of the fruit in France, circa 1994, and all I remember is that the avocado that I had tasted like rotten eggs. So that feeling stuck with the fruit until I moved to America, where there are sushi rolls called Californian rolls with avocado, cucumber, and krab. Yeah, Californian rolls were new to me. In Hong Kong, most of the sushi were nigiri or else they were sashimi.

I didn’t start buying avocado until my second year of college when I moved out of the dorms and stayed in my own apartment. Now I can just eat a whole avocado and not care about the nonexistent smell. I really don’t understand where the rotten eggs came from. The fruit doesn’t even have a taste either.

Just thought I would share that.

3 thoughts on “Bad Encounter in France, 1994

  1. Ha…. You said that avocado tastes like ‘rotten egg’! I don’t know how rotten eggs taste like,I’ve smelled it but never eaten one! 🙂

    Btw, this is how my family eat avocados: Mash the pulp and mix it with cocoa powder and sugar to taste. Eat it staight away. OMG it is yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I never had rotten eggs before either, I just smelt it and decided that I should link the smell to the taste waaaaay back in 1994.

  3. Patricia Carpenter

    I didn’t like avocodos until about a year ago. I only ate my own guacamole because noone ever made it the way I liked it. Then I started working @ Maria Maria Downtown. Their Guacamole is THE BEST!!! Please go try it, and tell me what you think. They actually have a guy who just makes it fresh to order all night. A-maz-ing! The chile relleno,mushroom fajitas,and duck taco with red pepper-habanero cream were fabulous too, at least when I was working there 😉

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