Eating Out in Europe

I am ending my 2009 trip to Europe now. I’m currently sitting at the Cathy Pacific lounge at Heathrow reflecting on all the yummy food I had while I was in Europe.

I first went to Russia and spent a total of 5 days in Moscow. It was my first time in Russia and the first day was terrible – everything was in Russian, there was no English anywhere and the people did not understand English at all!!! The food in Russia was expensive and there was nothing that I liked… there were a lot of bread rolls, gruel, and things wrapped in stuff.

I was glad to leave Russia and arrive in Bruges. Even though I only stayed in Bruges for 1 night and 2 days, it was phenomenal. We had their local food and it was very good. I can’t recall what I had exactly but I had something with scampi. Europeans like to use scampi.

After Bruges, I arrived in Louvain-la-Neuve – a town not too far from Brussels. There, I think, I had my best meals in Europe. I ate at the Hergé Museum (I’m a BIG fan of Tin Tin so eating at the museum made me very happy inside) where I had a lobster bisque raviole dish, a local Belgian restaurant where I had a different kind of couscous dish, and a French restaurant where I had a scampi + lardons + broccoli crêpe. Belgium is known for its chocolate (huge dark chocolate fan here) and beer. I don’t drink beer but I did love the cider I had at the French restaurant.

When I was in London, my dad and I went to Cyprus Mangal; there, we had their house special lamb kebab. It was the best lamb that I’ve ever had (because there was no smell at all) and it was very tender, full of flavor.

By the end of the trip, I decided that ANY FOOD was better than the food in Russia.


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